Clone Wars Saved!

DifmFI2VsAAOSU6It’s only been a few hours, but I for one think it’s time to talk about it. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back!

Just hours ago today, July 19, 2018, it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con’s Clone Wars panel that the much loved and debated animated series thought up by George Lucas and lead by Dave Filoni would be returning. While details are still extremely scarce, the short trailer showed us what appears to be Fort Anaxes, first seen in Star Wars Rebels, and a holo transmission that may allude to the siege of Mandalore, if previous statements by Filoni are true. So, where do we go from here? Let us see.

Well, we know from past interviews that Clone Wars was going to lead into Episode III. However, the Disney buyout ended any further progression of the story line, although The Lost Missions did it’s best to wrap up the series. I for one have always enjoyed any media that brought us up to that particular film. Genndy Tartakovsky’s animated Clone Wars shorts, James Luceno’s novel Labyrinth of Evil, and even Karen Traviss’ Clone Commando series brought us excellent and diverse pathways to Revenge of the Sith. But, the TV series dedicated to the conflict that brought about the end of the Republic will be the ultimate medium to complete the journey to the making of Vader.

Also, knowing Filoni, I think we can look forward to some interesting cameos in this continuation. While I’ve not personally been a fan of all of them in the past, there could be some potential here. Just imagine seeing Padawan Dume (Jarrus) before Order 66 takes away his Master. I was sad to see the Kanan comics come to an end, and not everybody reads the comics. This could be a good way to show a little of his past to an audience that may otherwise not have dug into his story beyond the animated realm.

And then there are the clones. Clones! If you haven’t partaken of the masterpiece that is the Umbara story arc, stop reading and watch it now. It is my favorite piece of the entire series. The clones have been a fan favorite for years and this is a great opportunity to expand their story and who they are. Heck, there even appears to be a Republic Commando in the trailer! I’m sold! The battles in the series were some of the best Star Wars out there, and to get more is only better.

I know I sound seriously optimistic about this. But, I’ve come a long way with this show. I used to hate it back in the day. For real, I thought it was the worst thing ever. But over the years I’ve come to love it. Yeah, it has some quirks, and can be quire literally lame sometimes, but it’s great storytelling. I for one have always wanted to see where Filoni was going to go with the overall story, and now we’ll finally know. The only other question I would have is what does George feel about this?


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