STEM and Villainy 1.1

STEM and Villainy is a Hyperspace PodBlast series of STEM-based problems and brain-teasers inspired by a galaxy far far away….

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Meiloorun Market

Screenshot from Disney’s Star Wars Rebels

Yoffar made 430 credits selling all 156 of his latest shipment of the rare meiloorun fruit today at the Lothal market. His…best customers (Imperial Troops) get a special military discount of 2 credits per meiloorun and civilians pay 4 credits. Despite his price structure, Yoffar was making a decent profit until one of the Imperial officers came back an hour before closing to replace his purchase of 22 fruit after it was stolen by a band of rebel scum and “negotiated” a new price: free.

How many meilooruns did Yoffar sell to civilians? How did he sell to Imperial troops?

Bonus: If Yoffar’s cost is 3 credits per meiloorun, what percent profit did he make?

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STEM and Villainy 1.1 Answer Submission



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