Hyperspace PodBlast started as a nondescript idea for a Star Wars podcast that turned into an online Empire! Okay, not really, here’s what happened:

On May 25, 2015, Bryan decided to start a Star Wars blog. He called said blog “Me, Myself, and Star Wars.” The idea was he would just post his random ramblings about Star Wars and if anyone ever read it, well, that would be cool. From these humble beginnings, Bryan started to dabble in “Star Wars Twitter,” eventually ending up with a writing gig for a now-defunct site called “The Galactic Roundtable.” He started by just posting weekly speculative think pieces that many people stick their nose up at, but, whatever, he didn’t care. For this gig he came up with the moniker “The Weekly Scoundrel.” After a while, the site decided to start including comic reviews in their repertoire, and guess who they asked to handle those duties? You’ll never guess…not in a million ye-oh, you did guess Bryan…hmm…okay, so, yeah, he starts writing comic reviews as well. So far, so good. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the site went down the tubes, but he kept up with the comic reviews on a new sister site to Me, Myself, and Star Wars called, that’s right, The Weekly Scoundrel. This became status quo for a while, but then Bryan convinced Shelby to do a podcast with him, and then things really took off.

During the idea process of how to make a Star Wars podcast that wasn’t “just another Star Wars podcast,” the pair came up with the idea of keeping episodes under 30 minutes. They would be “the Domino’s of Star Wars podcasts!” They decided to run with this idea and thus created the Hyperspace PodBlast – “hyperspace” because it’s fast, and “podblast” because, well, again, it’s fast…it’s like a blast of information…makes sense, right? This turned out to go really, really well, the pair had a great deal of fun creating this fandom project together, and it was fairly well-received. But wait, there’s more!

When Forces of Destiny is released, Shelby loses her mind, and Bryan (with the help of Jim Mello from A Star Wars Comic) convinces her to write about them on The Weekly Scoundrel. Not long after this, Bryan realizes he has a lot of Star Wars balls in the air for really no good reason, so he consolidates all the Star Wars doings into one place:  www.hyperspacepodblast.com (that’s this site).

So, now that you’re abreast of the situation, sit back, relax, and take it all in…