Forces of Photography: Yub Nub!

Forces of Photography: an amateur collection highlighting the #ForcesofDestiny Figures Yub Nub! For this scene, I purchased Forest Moon Leia. She comes with this outfit, a helmet, a dress, shoes, a spear, a bow and arrow, and of course, Wicket. Inspired by the Ewok Escape Forces of Destiny clip, I decided to capture Leia's awe … Continue reading Forces of Photography: Yub Nub!


A Rogue One-derful Star Wars Story

Like many Star Wars fans (well, let's be honest, most), I thoroughly enjoyed Rogue One from the moment "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." emblazoned the screen until the end credits were rolling. It was a gritty war movie, as advertised, but it had a ton of heart (more than I'd … Continue reading A Rogue One-derful Star Wars Story

My Highlights from Bloodline

In a somewhat ironic twist, I'm not going to be going over my personal highlights as far as the story goes, rather the actual highlights I made on certain passages and what takeaways I get from them now. I figure, since I took my sweet time getting through Bloodline (not because it was bad, mind … Continue reading My Highlights from Bloodline

Midnight in the Garden of Light & Dark

There’s one line in The Force Awakens that gives me pause every time I hear it:  “There’s still light in him, I know it.” Even after thinking about it for quite some time while pondering this post, typing it still felt weird. The phrase just seems wrong. My brain had to strong-arm my fingers to … Continue reading Midnight in the Garden of Light & Dark