The Tragedy of Ben Solo

**WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for The Last Jedi! If you have not seen the film, please DO NOT read this article till you do! Just go watch the film, then come back here okay?** Did you ever hear the tragedy of Ben Solo? I thought not. It's not a story a Jedi would … Continue reading The Tragedy of Ben Solo


Star Wars is Dead. Long Live Star Wars.

**THE LAST JEDI SPOILERS AHEAD!** GENERAL ARMITAGE HUX: ...WE HAVE NO LEADER!! KYLO REN: The Supreme Leader is dead! GENERAL ARMITAGE HUX: *squeaked out through a force choke* Long live the Supreme Leader! Being an American and not very familiar with the customs of the monarchy, I didn't catch the meaning of this exchange at … Continue reading Star Wars is Dead. Long Live Star Wars.

The Rise of the First Order

There is considerable confusion in the fandom of how the First Order arose from the ashes of the Empire. There is much we don’t know, but enough has been provided to create a broad picture of how it arose however. This article will analyze and chronicle the First Order’s conception and slow rise into a … Continue reading The Rise of the First Order

Forces of Photography

Announcing an amateur collection: Forces of Photography highlighting #ForcesofDestiny dolls "The choices we make, the actions we take, moments, both big and small, shape us into Forces of Destiny"  I've always been mesmerized by toy photography, especially Star Wars toy photography. The way it breathes life into these pieces of plastic and stirs our imaginations captured … Continue reading Forces of Photography

I Canto Bight gambling with just any old aliens!

So, in keeping with my "I love aliens in Star Wars" motif, and hearkening back to one of my very first blog entries, I decided to run down all the aliens from the two Canto Bight pictures in the new Vanity Fair Star Wars issue...pretty cool, right? Yeah, I think so too...anyway, as was the … Continue reading I Canto Bight gambling with just any old aliens!