The Hyperspace PodBlast Coast-to-Coast Last Jedi Extravaganza!

My Comic Relief

No spoilers here my friends, don’t worry – not yet.  This isn’t even about The Last Jedi‘s plot.  Rather, this is all about our hopes and dreams going into the film.  Hyperspace PodBlast’s Bryan and Shelby spent opening day talking to people in line at Maya Cinemas in Bakersfield, CA while Hannah and I interviewed people at Tinseltown in Erie, PA.  You heard that right folks – I’m a STAR WARS REPORTER now!!!  Yay for team work!!  It was incredible and we had sooooo much fun doing these interviews.  So we owe a big THANK YOU to Hyperspace PodBlast for having us be your Senior East Coast Correspondents and a big THANK YOU to everyone who chatted with us all day too.

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Walking the Star Wars Tight Rope Or: Balance in The Last Jedi

There is always a constant shift toward balance in all things, as well as a consistent force pulling things one way or the other. Is he quoting himself right now? Why, yes, yes I am. And, sure, maybe it's a little egocentric of me, but coming up with that sentence for the podcast was the impetus … Continue reading Walking the Star Wars Tight Rope Or: Balance in The Last Jedi

The Tragedy of Ben Solo

**WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for The Last Jedi! If you have not seen the film, please DO NOT read this article till you do! Just go watch the film, then come back here okay?** Did you ever hear the tragedy of Ben Solo? I thought not. It's not a story a Jedi would … Continue reading The Tragedy of Ben Solo

Star Wars is Dead. Long Live Star Wars.

**THE LAST JEDI SPOILERS AHEAD!** GENERAL ARMITAGE HUX: ...WE HAVE NO LEADER!! KYLO REN: The Supreme Leader is dead! GENERAL ARMITAGE HUX: *squeaked out through a force choke* Long live the Supreme Leader! Being an American and not very familiar with the customs of the monarchy, I didn't catch the meaning of this exchange at … Continue reading Star Wars is Dead. Long Live Star Wars.