Captain Phasma #4 + Poe Dameron #20 + Star Wars Adventures #3

Here we go again with another Star Wars comics onslaught! If you're a hardcore Star Wars comics fan you have got to be loving life lately because they have been pretty relentless in their release schedule...anyway, this week we get the wrap up of the oddly-numbered, 4-issue Phasma mini-series, the start of a very interesting … Continue reading Captain Phasma #4 + Poe Dameron #20 + Star Wars Adventures #3


Forces of Destiny: BB-8 Bandits

My new daily dose of Star Wars didn't disappoint with BB-8 Bandits. Some are saying they liked this episode much more than Sands of Jakku. While I can't say the same, this episode features more action and deepens the bond between Ray and BB-8. No wonder she wouldn't sell the droid to Unkar Plutt. BB-8 … Continue reading Forces of Destiny: BB-8 Bandits

Forces of Destiny: Sands of Jakku

"The choices we make...the actions we take...moments, both big and small shape us into Forces of Destiny" The wisdom of Maz Kanata told me all I needed to know about this series. Forces of Destiny will feature everyday decisions of the ladies of Star Wars, enabling us to gain a better understanding of their complex … Continue reading Forces of Destiny: Sands of Jakku

Poe Dameron #13

W-W-W-Wednesday! And, even though it's the 19th, it was an unlucky 13 for our Resistance hero, Poe Dameron...that said, though, this was a pretty great issue in what's (as I've been saying over and over it seems lately) becoming my favorite Star Wars, let's quite putting off the good stuff and get right into … Continue reading Poe Dameron #13

Poe Dameron #12

Greetings and salutations, and welcome, once again, to Wednesday! Congratulations on making it through yet another week, my hat is off to you...anyway, this week we find out how effectively Poe can perform evasive maneuvers on foot when under assault from enemy starfighters (cobbled-together as they are) versus his usually-stellar ability whilst piloting an … Continue reading Poe Dameron #12