Star Wars Adventures #2 + Captain Phasma #2 + Star Wars Annual #3 + Poe Dameron #19

Yeesh! Four comics this week...four! I'm not sure from memory, but I think this might be the most comics ever in one week - it's certainly tied, there's no way there's ever been five at one time...anyway, not only were there Star Wars comics in quantity this week, they backed it up with quality! That's … Continue reading Star Wars Adventures #2 + Captain Phasma #2 + Star Wars Annual #3 + Poe Dameron #19


Darth Maul #5 + Poe Dameron #17

Comic book day, ya'll! I'm looking forward to this batch (and yes, it's another batch - Marvel is churning out Star Wars comics with reckless abandon lately) because it includes the finale of the Darth Maul series! I have high hopes for this book, and something tells me I'm not going to be disappointed...on the other … Continue reading Darth Maul #5 + Poe Dameron #17

Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16

After the smorgasbord that was last week, Marvel comes right back a week later with two more issues! I'm excited, but my budget is glaring at me like a cat that's about to knock something off a table out of spite...anyway, we once again infiltrate the Screaming Citadel this week, thankfully, for the last time … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16

Poe Dameron #14

Hello, everyone, and May the 4th be with you! Also, yes, I'm aware I'm a day late, but life happens and this and that and sometime I don't have enough time to post on Wednesday...I'm aware it steals away the brightest part of your day, though, and for that I apologize profusely...anyway, so, yeah, before … Continue reading Poe Dameron #14