Star Wars #36 + Doctor Aphra #12

Finally, FINALLY we're getting to the R2 arc that's been slowly eating away at my soul, and it seems like Aphra's all set for a run-in with her former employer/would-be murder (you know, had she not elaborately faked her own death by assuming Vader wouldn't be the kind of guy to give her the death … Continue reading Star Wars #36 + Doctor Aphra #12


Forces of Destiny: Beasts of Echo Base

Leia returns to Forces of Destiny with a little more action! Let's talk about episode 6...I mean...uh...5? To be clear, Disney's official YouTube channel incorrectly named this episode 6 at the time of today's release, however all episode titles have now been striped of numerals and all were finally added to the Forces of Destiny … Continue reading Forces of Destiny: Beasts of Echo Base

Poe Dameron #12

Greetings and salutations, and welcome, once again, to Wednesday! Congratulations on making it through yet another week, my hat is off to you...anyway, this week we find out how effectively Poe can perform evasive maneuvers on foot when under assault from enemy starfighters (cobbled-together as they are) versus his usually-stellar ability whilst piloting an … Continue reading Poe Dameron #12