Doctor Aphra #11 + Cassian & K-2SO

My friends, comic book day is upon us once again, and this time the comic stork (that's how comics happen, right? Like babies?) delivered a bonus one-shot that tells the story of how Cassian met Kaytoo...oddly enough, it's not the romcom it sounds like it could be...additionally, we get the murderous stylings of an ancient … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #11 + Cassian & K-2SO

Darth Vader #3 + Doctor Aphra #9

Wednesday is up on us, once again, and for the third time in four weeks we're graced with a multi-issue Star Wars comic book day! I'm really starting to wonder if quality isn't suffering for all this quantity, though...or maybe I've just adapted a cynical lens whilst reading Star Wars comics lately...I suppose that's possible, … Continue reading Darth Vader #3 + Doctor Aphra #9

Darth Maul #4 + Darth Vader #2 + Poe Dameron Annual #1

Holy Star Wars comics, Batmandalorian!?!? What a haul we have this week - three, that's right, THREE books came out today! Now, my wallet is kind of wincing, but my mind is racing because we get to, hopefully, get into a little more of the meat of the second run of Darth Vader, as well … Continue reading Darth Maul #4 + Darth Vader #2 + Poe Dameron Annual #1