Secondary Star Wars: Would you leave like Luke, or stay with Yoda?

M. C., Mercyhurst Preparatory School The Empire Strikes Back: When Luke has his vision of his friends in danger, maybe dying on Cloud City, he immediately begins to prepare to leave Dagobah to help them. Yoda warns Luke to do so is to endanger their cause and all they fight for. Luke neglects Yoda’s warning and … Continue reading Secondary Star Wars: Would you leave like Luke, or stay with Yoda?


Star Wars #33

Greetings weary travelers, Wednesday is upon us once again, and this week it brings the hope that the flagship Star Wars series will finally get to the business of rescuing C-3PO from the clutches of the incredibly rad SCAR Squadron...unless I guess they're just assuming that R2's going to do that "off-page" and they'll fill … Continue reading Star Wars #33

Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16

After the smorgasbord that was last week, Marvel comes right back a week later with two more issues! I'm excited, but my budget is glaring at me like a cat that's about to knock something off a table out of spite...anyway, we once again infiltrate the Screaming Citadel this week, thankfully, for the last time … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16

Doctor Aphra #7

The screaming continues, but it has less to do with the citadel and more to do with me asking out loud in an angry voice, "why isn't this story better?!?!" I think the most disappointing thing is that it's interrupting the regularly scheduled Doctor Aphra comics that I was enjoying...silly Marvel, "gothic horror" is, well, … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #7