Doctor Aphra #4

Comic book day, comic book day, Wednesday is comic book day...yes, that was to the tune of the old "Spider-man" theme song, well-played...anyway, we're cruising back to Yavin this week to catch up with Doctor-not-Doctor Aphra and see what her goofy-but-finally-on-to-something father has set into motion with his Massassi artifacts...will any good come of it? … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #4


Doctor Aphra #3

Holy badass Wookiee, Batman, it's comic book time again! This week we dive into the third installment of young lady Aphra's solo title, a series that has a lot of potential but has yet to fully live up to it...maybe it's just because the Darth Vader comic was my favorite and I'm holding Aphra's series … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #3