Doctor Aphra #6

Welcome, once again, to Wednesday! This week, we ditch the Stonepower for Droidpower (...?) as papa and Chelli Aphra face the Eternal Rur and what's become of the Ordu Aspectu - it's a pretty fun, fast-paced read that gives us a fairly big hint about what might be behind the Screaming, I know most … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #6


Doctor Aphra #5

It's Wednesday once again, my friends, and that means comic book day! (Well, technically that's true, but for me and this site, it's not always comic book day since some Wednesdays do go by, regrettably, with no new Star Wars comics.) This week, in honor of #InternationalWomensDay - unintentional as it may be - we … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #5

Holiday Comic Catch-up: Doctor Aphra #2 + Star Wars #26 + Poe Dameron #10

Hello party people, and welcome to the Weekly Scoundrel! This will be your new go-to spot for my Star Wars comic reviews. If you're coming over from TGR/The Channel Star Wars Hour blog or Me, Myself & Star Wars, thanks for following me over; if this is your first time reading anything from me, I'm … Continue reading Holiday Comic Catch-up: Doctor Aphra #2 + Star Wars #26 + Poe Dameron #10