Star Wars #36 + Doctor Aphra #12

Finally, FINALLY we're getting to the R2 arc that's been slowly eating away at my soul, and it seems like Aphra's all set for a run-in with her former employer/would-be murder (you know, had she not elaborately faked her own death by assuming Vader wouldn't be the kind of guy to give her the death … Continue reading Star Wars #36 + Doctor Aphra #12


Forces of Destiny: Beasts of Echo Base

Leia returns to Forces of Destiny with a little more action! Let's talk about episode 6...I mean...uh...5? To be clear, Disney's official YouTube channel incorrectly named this episode 6 at the time of today's release, however all episode titles have now been striped of numerals and all were finally added to the Forces of Destiny … Continue reading Forces of Destiny: Beasts of Echo Base