Captain Phasma #4 + Poe Dameron #20 + Star Wars Adventures #3

Here we go again with another Star Wars comics onslaught! If you're a hardcore Star Wars comics fan you have got to be loving life lately because they have been pretty relentless in their release schedule...anyway, this week we get the wrap up of the oddly-numbered, 4-issue Phasma mini-series, the start of a very interesting … Continue reading Captain Phasma #4 + Poe Dameron #20 + Star Wars Adventures #3


Doctor Aphra #11 + Cassian & K-2SO

My friends, comic book day is upon us once again, and this time the comic stork (that's how comics happen, right? Like babies?) delivered a bonus one-shot that tells the story of how Cassian met Kaytoo...oddly enough, it's not the romcom it sounds like it could be...additionally, we get the murderous stylings of an ancient … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #11 + Cassian & K-2SO