Darth Vader #6 + Captain Phasma #3 + Star Wars #37 + Doctor Aphra #13

But Bryan, you missed a week!?!? Yes, yes I did. I'm dreadfully sorry for all my invisible friends out there that care. But, you know, life happens...this time, life happened to be the NHL season officially starting, Battlefront II beta kicking off, and my new semester of school gearing up...needless to say, I've been preoccupied...but, … Continue reading Darth Vader #6 + Captain Phasma #3 + Star Wars #37 + Doctor Aphra #13


Doctor Aphra #10

It's comic book day, ladies and gentlemen, and my wallet breathes a sigh of relief as there's but one measly book at the checkout counter today:  Doctor Aphra #10. First and foremost, congratulations to Aphra for doubling the number of issues I would have ever expected her to get (I assumed she'd be given a … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #10

Darth Vader #3 + Doctor Aphra #9

Wednesday is up on us, once again, and for the third time in four weeks we're graced with a multi-issue Star Wars comic book day! I'm really starting to wonder if quality isn't suffering for all this quantity, though...or maybe I've just adapted a cynical lens whilst reading Star Wars comics lately...I suppose that's possible, … Continue reading Darth Vader #3 + Doctor Aphra #9

Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16

After the smorgasbord that was last week, Marvel comes right back a week later with two more issues! I'm excited, but my budget is glaring at me like a cat that's about to knock something off a table out of spite...anyway, we once again infiltrate the Screaming Citadel this week, thankfully, for the last time … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16