Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16

After the smorgasbord that was last week, Marvel comes right back a week later with two more issues! I'm excited, but my budget is glaring at me like a cat that's about to knock something off a table out of spite...anyway, we once again infiltrate the Screaming Citadel this week, thankfully, for the last time … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #8 + Poe Dameron #16


Star Wars #32

I remember a time, not that long ago, when I was excited by the prospect of comic book day...unfortunately, knowing that this week brought the next installment of The Screaming Citadel had both my excitement and expectation levels at a pretty much all-time truth, I haven't enjoyed the ongoing Star Wars run since the … Continue reading Star Wars #32

Doctor Aphra #7

The screaming continues, but it has less to do with the citadel and more to do with me asking out loud in an angry voice, "why isn't this story better?!?!" I think the most disappointing thing is that it's interrupting the regularly scheduled Doctor Aphra comics that I was enjoying...silly Marvel, "gothic horror" is, well, … Continue reading Doctor Aphra #7