Star Wars #30

Why. Is. This. Story. Line. Still. Going?!?!?! Oh, I mean, it's Wednesday, comic book day, Thursday, hooray! Now, if you're really in-the-know about comics, so to speak, you're aware that the first issue of the Rogue One adaptation came out yesterday; and, if you're an astute reader, you noticed that the title of this post … Continue reading Star Wars #30


Star Wars #29

Yoda planet-side, everybody had matching spears! Somebody went into a cave and there they saw blue wasn't just rock, it was a rock monster! Rock monster! (If anyone gets that, I'll be incredibly impressed...) So, yeah, anyway...comic book day! I'm, who am I kidding, I've completely run out of steam on this Yoda … Continue reading Star Wars #29

Star Wars #28 + Darth Maul #1

What's up, Wednesday? When'd you get here? Oh snap, you brought comics!?!? Wednesday, you're the best! Too cheesy? Yeah, probably, but I'm leaving it, it is, in fact, comic book day, and this week we get the conclusion(?) of the Yoda interlude from Obi-wan's journal in the main Star Wars series, as well as, … Continue reading Star Wars #28 + Darth Maul #1